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Our Journey To Becoming The Premier San Diego LASIK Institute

As the premier La Jolla LASIK institute in San Diego, our mission is to improve your vision and give you the freedom from glasses and contacts that you desire. Our LASIK eye center in San Diego offers a range of laser procedures that utilize the latest, most advanced technology, ensuring the highest precision and best results. With six lasers, we are able to choose the procedure that is best for your eyes. Our motivation, commitment to excellence and being the highest quality LASIK institute in San Diego has earned us the award for Best LASIK eye center in the region, year after year.

Passionately Committed To Our Craft

Our surgeon Dr. Angela Nahl is extremely passionate about her work, which has driven her to become a leader in the industry. As a self-proclaimed “LASIK geek,” Dr. Nahl not only has an unmatched success rate, but also is continually working to make procedures even safer and more effective. Dr. Nahl treats her patients compassionately, always with their best interests in mind. The combined dedication, care and knowledge of Dr. Nahl has set La Jolla LASIK apart as the preferred LASIK institute in San Diego.

The Right Plan, The Right Procedures.

While we specialize in LASIK procedures, not all people are candidates for these, so we offer a variety of alternative procedures that give you clear vision. We specialize in a variety of alternative procedures including PRK, Epi-LASIK, and cataract surgery in addition to a variety of safe, effective intraocular lenses (IOLs) – including ReStor, ReZoom, and Crystalens implantable lenses. We also provide advanced implantable contact lenses (ICLs), which can give even those with the highest prescriptions the freedom of clear vision. Our in-depth consultations, professional experience and precise attention to detail have allowed us to achieve perfect success rates on our procedures. If you suffer from blurry vision in any way, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Benefits of LASIK.

LASIK offers many life-changing benefits over corrective lenses such as glasses or contacts. LASIK improves overall vision whereas glasses don’t improve peripheral vision, and contact lenses carry infection risk. For those with moderate vision problems, LASIK gives you the assurance of clear vision without reliance on glasses. Vision is typically more precisely improved with LASIK than corrective lenses meaning that you will typically achieve clearer vision with LASIK. Higher or lower order aberrations of the eye can be corrected resulting in improved vision. In the long term, LASIK can save you money because the cost of glasses and/or contacts throughout your life can often exceed the cost of LASIK. All procedures, whether bladeless or conventional, can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism – and give you the clear vision and freedom from glasses and contacts that you want. All procedures last less than fifteen minutes for both eyes, and you will experience virtually no pain. Healing occurs extremely quickly, usually within 24 hours, and you will likely be able to go to work the next day. Our LASIK eye center in San Diego can provide life-changing benefits to those who undergo the procedure.

How Your Vision Will Improve.

LASIK is a highly effective procedure that often results in 20/20 vision or better. It improves your entire vision ­– central, para-central and peripheral – for people that experience all around blurry vision. For those who only experience partial vision blurriness, LASIK and the alternative procedures can offer a completely clear vision for all types of sight. Advances in LASIK technology have allowed for more precise and effective procedures, however the success is dependent on the experience of the surgeon. Our surgeon, Dr. Angela Nahl is extremely passionate about her work which has driven her to have perfect success rates. In most cases, LASIK will correct your vision to a state that is near perfect or better than perfect, eliminating the need for glasses and contacts. To see why we are the preferred LASIK institute in San Diego, and to learn more about how we can correct your vision while eliminating the hassle of corrective lenses, schedule a free consultation at our eye center today. You may also learn more by reviewing our Is LASIK for You page!


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