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Not only do I want you to achieve the clearest vision possible with LASIK, I also want you to have a safe and positive experience. My team and I are deeply committed to providing you the highest quality care. Rest assured that I will do everything I can to make you feel safe, comfortable and satisfied with your care.

Knowing how to prepare in the days leading up to your operation can make the entire experience go smoothly. Once you have decided to move forward with LASIK, I will give you all the information you need to prepare. You will also have personal access to me by phone or email if a question or concern arises.

In the Days Leading Up to Surgery

You will meet with me approximately two to thirty days prior to your scheduled LASIK surgery. During this appointment, I will perform a complete dilated eye exam and carefully check your prescription and other parameters. This information will help me prepare for your surgery.

During this visit, you will also complete paperwork and discuss payment and financing options with my team. I offer fair prices as well as zero percent financing and extended payment plans. I want you to receive the care you need at a price you can afford.

Along with my associates, I will perform your treatment calculations in advance, and input the data into the lasers to calibrate them for your precise prescription (as well as other factors).

In the days prior to your LASIK surgery, you will need to stop wearing contact lenses and switch to glasses full-time, as the contacts can distort the shape of your cornea and interfere with your LASIK results. How long you need to stop wearing the contacts depends on the type of lens. I will give you an exact timeframe during your pre-op consultation.

Here are additional things you can do ahead of time to make sure the day of surgery is smooth and stress-free:

  • Arrange for a loved one to give you a ride home from the surgery center and to my office the next day for your follow-up visit.
  • Clear your calendar for the day of surgery so that afterward, you can go home and sleep or rest.
  • Possibly arrange for a friend, companion or family member to stay overnight with you to assist with cooking, chores or errands.
  • Fill any prescriptions.
  • The night before surgery, get a good night’s rest so you are ready for surgery the next day.

San Diego patient receiving LASIK eye surgery

The Day of Surgery

On the day of your LASIK in La Jolla, give yourself plenty of time to get ready, and arrive at the surgery center early. You do not want to feel rushed on such a big day! As you are getting ready, dress in warm, comfortable clothing that does not have any loose fibers that could detach and irritate your eyes. Avoid wearing any creams, lotions, perfumes or cosmetics.

You can eat a light meal before your surgery, but refrain from drinking caffeine or alcohol. Drink plenty of water instead.

When you arrive at the surgery center, I will recheck your prescription and review your post-operative instructions with you to make sure you understand what is expected. You might be given a Valium to help you relax before your procedure.

Right before the procedure, you will put on a surgical hat and booties, and then be escorted from the pre-testing room into the LASIK surgery room, where you will lie down on the procedure bed. You should be feeling relaxed and comfortable about the surgery that is about to take place.

LASIK is an outpatient procedure. It usually takes me less than 30 minutes to correct your refractive error. You can return home, accompanied by a companion, shortly after your surgery and recover in the comfort of your own surroundings.

However, just because you are released to go home shortly after your procedure does not mean that the quality of your care is compromised in any way, or that you are “on your own.” Along with my team, I will develop a comprehensive post-operative care plan for your recovery, and I will make myself totally available to you if you need me. You will have personal access to me by phone or email if a question or concern arises.

What Is Post-Op Care?

Taking good care of your eyes after surgery lowers your risk of side effects, expedites your healing and improves your ultimate satisfaction with your experience.

Your post-operative recovery plan will include specific guidelines for caring for your eyes after surgery. It will include instructions for taking any oral medications or eyedrops to prevent infection, inflammation or discomfort. It will also include information about activities you should avoid during your healing process – for example, getting your eyes wet, rubbing your eyes or straining them.

Part of your post-op plan will also include when to see me for follow-up visits so I can check your healing and your vision. During these appointments, I will explain if and how I need to modify your care plan. Expect to see me periodically for at least six months after your surgery so I can ensure that your eyes are healing as they should!

Recovery Timeline

The first few hours after surgery: During the first six or so hours after LASIK surgery, you may have some eye itching or burning, or you may feel as though your vision is foggy or blurry. These aftereffects are very common and should taper off relatively quickly. You can take over-the-counter or prescription painkillers if you experience discomfort.

The day after surgery: Most patients see clearly as soon as the day after surgery. Although you may notice a rapid improvement in your vision after surgery, it is still important that you avoid rubbing, bumping or straining your eyes for several days, as this could disturb or dislodge your healing corneal flap. You should also wear a protective eye shield while sleeping to avoid accidentally rubbing your eyes. You can shower the day after your surgery, as long as you avoid getting soap in your eyes. If your vision has recovered enough to drive, you can drive yourself to your first follow-up appointment.

One or two weeks after surgery: You can slowly start to resume your normal exercise and activity levels, as long as you avoid any contact or collision sports where something could unexpectedly make contact with your healing eyes.

One month after surgery: You can make a complete return to all of your regular activities including contact or collision sports.

Three to six months after surgery: Your eyes will continue to heal and your vision will stabilize for approximately three to six months after your surgery.

I Am Here to Help

If you have any questions about prepping for LASIK, do not hesitate to reach out to me or my team. We are happy to help you feel as prepared as possible going into surgery. You can contact us at (858) 551-4100 or send us an email today.


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