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Dr. Nahl and the whole team make you feel like family when you walk in the door. Definitely not your typical doctor's office! I can't be more pleased with the results of my surgery, and the Primo treatment I received by everyone there.

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What Does LASIK Cost?

Our goal as a practice is to provide you these top quality results for a reasonable price of $2948 per eye for two eyes. You may be able to find cheaper refractive surgery in San Diego. But remember, if you choose a careful surgeon with good technique and a choice of equipment, you should only need LASIK once in your life. So this one-time payment can give you a lifetime of freedom from corrective lenses — a tremendous value!

In addition, we can provide you with options for financing the payment, so you can pay it off over time. By spreading out the payments over 5 years, your payments can be as low as $66 per month, per eye. If you do both eyes, that’s about $4 per day — about the same as a daily latte! But you don’t even need to give up your latte, because you no longer have to spend your money on glasses and contact lenses.

So what is stopping you from calling me now at 858.551.4100? Isn’t now a good time to be free from glasses and contact lenses and their hassles and expense?  Click here to book a free consultation yourself online.

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You Don’t Have To Pay Cash

Part of what makes perfect vision so affordable is my ability to offer you financing through Alphaeon.

Alphaeon is a top-quality company that offers great financing terms for all kinds of health care expenses. You can choose the term you want for the financing, with up to 5 years to pay. There is no penalty for paying the loan off early, and there are options with no interest for up to 24 months.

Also, if your employer offers a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can pay for up to $3,050 of your LASIK or PRK with pre-tax dollars.


To help make our procedures more affordable and convenient for patients, we offer a variety of ways to pay.

lasik financing options san diego


lasik flexible spending accounts san diego


lasik hsa msa


lasik credit card payment san diego



Through our partner Alphaeon, we offer

$0 down payment financing

with low monthly payments for anywhere from 6 to 60 months
with no prepayment penalties or late fees.

Short-term loans are offered at 0 interest, and longer-term loans are offered at low fixed interest rates.


  • $0 down
  • No interest with short term financing for 6, 12, or 24 months
  • No pre-payment penalties or fees
  • Offers consistency of a fixed monthly payment arrangement with no interest


  • $0 down
  • Low fixed interest rate with long term financing for 24, 36, 48, or 60 months
  • No pre-payment penalties or fees
  • Offers low monthly payments that can easily fit your budget

Learn more about Alphaeon’s payment plans and how to apply here.


LASIK is a qualified FLEX expense.

Your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can cover up to 49.3% of your LASIK costs.

Each year, you can allocate pre-tax money up to $3,050 for every job you have to be taken out of your paycheck pre-tax in equal amounts over the plan year.    You then can use the full value of the money to reimburse eligible medical expenses in that plan year.  Your LASIK procedure with La Jolla LASIK Institute is a qualified expense!


You choose the amount you wish to put into the FSA account.  That amount is divided into equal amounts taken out of your paychecks pre-tax over the course of the FSA plan year.

With the vast majority of employers, your FLEX account is funded in full on the first day your new plan begins. So if you use the full amount in the first plan month, it’s like 12-month no-interest financing with up to a 49.3% discount.

If your employment ends for any reason, you don’t have to pay it back and you make no further payments even if you have already spent the full amount.

*FLEX dollars do not roll over from year to year, so be sure to take advantage of them.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Medical Savings Accounts (MSA)

If you’re covered by a qualified high-deductible insurance plan, you may be eligible to participate in HSA or MSA.

HSA and MSA money is deposited pre-tax, accumulates tax-free and rolls over from year to year.

LASIK is an allowable expense for these programs.


In addition to these financing options, you can also cover your out-of-pocket costs with a credit card. All major credit cards accepted.

credit cards accepted


We understand that many people are concerned about the average cost of LASIK eye surgery in the San Diego area. While affordability is a major factor when choosing where you get LASIK, it’s important to also ensure that you have an experienced surgeon who you can trust to do a great job. After all, the doctor you select has your vision in her hands. At La Jolla LASIK, we provide more than just excellent service and results.

Dr. Nahl treats each patient’s unique needs with a personalized touch. With one of the industry’s most highly regarded surgeons using the most cutting-edge laser technology, you are making the right investment in your health and your future.

To learn more about the cost of LASIK eye surgery and the payment plans we offer, schedule a free consultation through our booking system.


For a telemedicine consultation or for times beyond those shown below, call (858) 551-4100. If the phone counselor cannot give you the date or time you need, or you have a special request, ask to be transferred to the front desk.

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