“I’d like to get to know you before I schedule an appointment.”

Dr. Nahl is an international LASIK expert, and we’re lucky to have her right here in San Diego. She has been performing laser refractive surgery since 1998. Talk about experience! She’s board-certified in Ophthalmology (of course!); she was educated at Harvard, The University of Chicago, and USC – Doheny Eye Institute, and has taught eye surgeons and eye doctors at the University of California, San Francisco, Los Angeles County Hospital, The New England College of Optometry, Western College of Optometry, but mostly, she continually works to improve the visual results and experience of her patients. She has been told she has the world’s best results, but never rests on her laurels and always seeks to improve patient vision, comfort and satisfaction. Dr. Nahl looks forward to getting to know you and understanding your individual visual needs. To start the conversation, email us at info@lajollalasik.com.

We can’t wait to meet you! What to expect at your consultation:

    • The consultation takes about an hour. Wear your glasses to your appointment if you own any, and bring your contact lens foils or prescriptions if it’s easy.
    • You’ll fill out a little info about you and your visual history.
      • When did you first get glasses?
      • Do you wear contacts? Soft/toric/hard/rigid gas permeable? Can you show us a photo of your contact lens foils or your contact lens prescription?
      • What’s your medical history? Any illnesses, surgeries, medications or supplements? Anything that gives you dry eye or dry mouth? (Dr. Nahl is an M.D. so she’s trained to understand the relationship between your visual needs, your eye surgery needs, and your medical history.

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“It’s 3 am, just let me book my own appointment.”

OK, here you go, we know you’re busy, you can book your own appointment self-service-style. When you self-book your consultation, you’ll get an email confirmation within minutes, and a text and an email reminder 24 hours before the appointment because Dr. Nahl is PERSONALLY reserving time away from her kids, indoor skydiving, naps (yeah, right!), and walks on the beach to be here waiting for you for your appointment. One thing that is special about us is how you get unlimited time with Dr. Nahl, so we block plenty of time with you. Please be awesome and keep your appointment! We know you are nervous and this is a big step. We do everything in our power to make the whole process safe, comfortable and pleasant for you.

LASIK Consultation with Dr. Angela Nahl at La Jolla LASIK Institute

1 Hour 30 Minutes

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