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The La Jolla LASIK Institute strives to provide excellent customer service and a safe environment for all patients. We take pride in providing a service that will allow patients to more easily enjoy the benefits of the outdoors in this potentially isolating time.


“I am too old for LASIK” is a very common misconception. In my many years of experience, I have met a number of candidates that assumed they could not have LASIK because of their age. Some of these candidates were even told by other doctors that they did not qualify for LASIK eye surgery. But you are never too old to enjoy excellent vision!

LASIK is a refractive eye surgery that uses a high-precision laser to reshape the cornea. The whole process takes only about 30 minutes per eye, and most people recover and are back to work and activities in 24 hours. At La Jolla LASIK Institute, we’ll start with a professional consultation and a few tests to see if the patient is a good candidate. If approved, we’ll make a precise topographical map of the cornea, then schedule the surgery.

When LASIK is performed by an excellent surgeon with top-of-the-line equipment, as it will be at La Jolla LASIK Institute, patients should only need to undergo the procedure once in their lifetime. That’s just a few hours of time to be able to enjoy the outdoors distraction-free for the rest of their lives.

Why La Jolla LASIK?

We’ve been voted the Best Laser Eye Center in San Diego for 6 years in a row. Dr. Angela Nahl graduated from Harvard, trained in LASIK with a Stanford master surgeon and is renowned in her field. She’s also surrounded by an incredible team! We use only the most cutting-edge technology and have the highest success rate in San Diego. But the most important criteria, as Dr. Nahl likes to say, are “good hands, a good head, and a good heart.” She has all three.

Why Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique set of circumstances that make it a good time to elect LASIK surgery. Fogged glasses from increased mask usage is prompting many patients to do away with their glasses, while more time outside is presenting the inherent risks that come with things like camping, hiking and backpacking while wearing contacts or glasses. And with many people spending more time at home, you have an ideal opportunity for rest and recovery time.


For a telemedicine consultation or for times beyond those shown below, call (858) 551-4100. If the phone counselor cannot give you the date or time you need, or you have a special request, ask to be transferred to the front desk.

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