The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Get Your Child’s Eyes Examined By San Diego LASIK Professionals Twice Before Their Third Birthday


Getting your eyes checked should be taken as seriously as going to the dentist, however, many people have admitted to not having visited their optometrist since they were young children. As many people are born with poor vision, it is very important to get a child’s vision checked within their first year of birth and again before their third birthday, as good eyesight is crucial for their development. As many of you already know, eyesight changes with age, which is why returning to the eye doctor every couple of years is recommended by doctors at the La Jolla San Diego LASIK Institute, as well as all over the globe.


Don’t Risk Being Undiagnosed For Years On End


It is not uncommon for a fully-grown adult to present themselves to a San Diego LASIK institute and find out that they have very poor eyesight, despite having been told that they had 20/20 when they were children. Since eyesight problems can get progressively worse when untreated, going for a regular eye checkup is something that should be on everyone’s to-do-list. When you refrain from getting your eyes checked, you can be harming your vision by going undiagnosed for years. The results can be weakened eyesight and can lead you to spend a hefty sum to correct it.


When Is The Last Time You Had A Comprehensive Dilated Eye Exam?

Many people believe that seeing an optometrist on a bi-yearly basis is a waste of time because they have perfect eyesight. However, perfecting vision is not the only reason routine eye exams are necessary. Many individuals fail to get a comprehensive dilated eye exam performed because they are not informed of its high importance. A comprehensive dilated eye exam allows your doctor to observe the tissues at the back of the eye, which gives them the ability to see if you are at risk of any sight-threatening diseases. If you haven’t gotten your eyes checked in over two years, make an appointment with your LASIK San Diego professional.

What Conditions are Best Corrected by LASIK?

LASIK San Diego Can Cure Nearsightedness


The thought of receiving eye surgery is usually what repulses people from curing their eyesight problems. What they don’t know, however, is that laser refractive surgery is one of the shortest and most painless surgeries on the market. Eliminating a patient’s nearsightedness is something that has been done time and time again at La Jolla LASIK. Receiving LASIK eye surgery in order to treat nearsightedness has been widely successful, leaving nearly every patient with 20/20 vision.


San Diego LASIK Procedures Work Wonders On The Farsighted Population


If you’re familiar with the term hyperopia, you’re probably fed up with having the deal with the inconvenience of wearing glasses and contacts. Luckily, LASIK San Diego offers a quick and easy procedure that can get rid of farsighted eye problems for good. So if you’re having trouble reading this sentence from a distance and would like to get LASIK eye surgery, call La Jolla LASIK for a free consultation. Although many people are dubious when it comes to receiving refractive eye surgery, patients have admitted that the surgery was a lot less intimidating than they had previously believed. The La Jolla LASIK Institute has been relieving their patients of farsighted issues year after year.


Are You All Too Familiar With Astigmatism? LASIK San Diego Can Help You With That

For the most part, LASIK eye surgery can get rid of many different cases of astigmatism, instantly curing the refractive error that causes astigmatism-bearers a great deal of annoyance. The La Jolla LASIK institute has a lot of experience when dealing with reshaping the asymmetrical shape of the cornea, thus curing many of their patients of this pesky disturbance. Since laser eye surgery technology has advanced at a tremendous speed over the last decade, many poor-sighted individuals are choosing to go through with refractive surgery, and with the help of experienced surgeons, they are finally getting to know what 20/20 vision feels like.

Can You Be Too Old for LASIK?

LASIK candidates vary in many ways, including age and medical history. At La Jolla LASIK San Diego, we judge each LASIK candidate on a case-by-case basis. Age certainly plays a factor when deeming a person right for LASIK San Diego. However, what you will learn about age when considering LASIK might surprise you. Now, let’s answer the question:

“Can you be too old for LASIK?”

Simply put, no. We receive a wide array of candidates varying in age. Age certainly plays a factor, but how?

On one end of the spectrum, La Jolla LASIK San Diego will not perform LASIK on any patient who is not yet 18 years old. We recommend that a patient waits until their mid 20’s or 30’s before making the decision to have San Diego LASIK. On the other end of the spectrum, it varies. What will make the decision if a patient is too “old” for LASIK?

  • Cataracts
  • Overall Health Conditions
  • Safety

If a patient suffers from cataracts, the eyes may be considered too unhealthy for LASIK eye surgery. Additionally, the patient’s medical history and current health condition may disqualify them from the procedure if it is determined that it may be potentially unsafe. However, while these the deterrents, there are also some advantages to having older eyes.

Consider this; a healthy 70 year old may be a more qualified LASIK candidate than a person in their 30’s with health issues. So long as an older person has little health complications or issues, they should be qualified for LASIK eye surgery.

Thinking about LASIK San Diego? Don’t let your age be a deterrent! Call us or schedule a free consultation to learn about your candidacy for LASIK at La Jolla!

Protect Your Eyes from Harmful UV Rays

It is important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Your eyes are a precious gift, and you want to preserve them for as long as possible. That being said, it is important to shield them from harmful rays and exposure. At La Jolla LASIK San Diego, we care about our patients and the health of their eyes. Whether you’ve received San Diego LASIK or not, it is always important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays on a daily basis.

Always Wear Protective Wear

Many times we underestimate the power of the sun’s electromagnetic rays. Whether you are driving or walking outside, it is important to preserve and protect your eyes from the sun at all times. Because ultraviolet light can penetrate cloud covers, you must be vigilant on  overcast days as well!

Wear sunglasses or hats in order to shield your eyes from the sun’s powerful rays. The sun is a powerful entity and can harm your skin and eyes if you do not take the proper precautions!

Do Not Stare at The Sun!

This seems like a no-brainer, but trust us, you want to listen to this one! Do not stare directly at the sun under any circumstances. We can’t stress this point enough. Whether you are looking into the sky or driving towards the sun, it is important to never look directly at the sun.

The sun’s blinding rays can do permanent damage to your eyes when you stare directly into the sun’s rays. Always be sure to, again, wear protective eye-wear and shield your eyes from any contact with the sun.

As we mentioned earlier, the UV rays can be harmful even when the sun is hidden behind clouds. In fact, that is when the sun can be the most harmful! At La Jolla LASIK San Diego, we want our patients to have healthy, long-lasting eyes. Take care of them by following the necessary precautions.

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Are You a Candidate for Corrective LASIK Surgery?

One of the most common questions we hear is: “Am I a candidate for San Diego LASIK surgery?”

The answer to this question varies from case to case. Depending on your health and previous medical history, you may be a candidate for LASIK San Diego. There are a few preliminary questions you can answer to determine if you are a qualified candidate for San Diego LASIK. However, to truly determine whether you are a candidate for corrective LASIK surgery, you must schedule a consultation with one of our San Diego LASIK professionals.

  • Do you have poor or worsening vision?
  • Do you rely on contact lenses or glasses for everyday activities?
  • Are you frustrated with your current vision situation?
  • Do you want to save money by receiving a permanent vision solution?

If you identified with any of these questions, it is likely that you are indeed a qualified candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Once you have been examined by one of our LASIK professionals, you are ready to receive the benefits of LASIK San Diego! Now that you know a few of the qualifications for LASIK surgery, let’s talk about what the corrective procedure will mean for your future.

If you’re scheduled to receive San Diego LASIK, be prepared for your life to change. Your life as you know it (constantly ordering contact lenses, needing glasses to read menus and text messages) will change! When you receive LASIK surgery, you will be presented with a permanent solution for your previously poor vision. No longer will you require corrective lenses for everyday activities! Say goodbye to those glasses and hello to a vibrant world!

Schedule your FREE consultation with La Jolla LASIK today! Our professionals are waiting to brighten your future with a corrective procedure! Learn more today!

What Eye Problems are Right For LASIK?

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely you are experiencing some sort of eye problems. LASIK eye surgery is the right solution, so you are in the right place. We’re glad you’re here. We will talk about the eye problems that are right for LASIK surgery, as well, where you should go to have the procedure done.

Blurred Vision

Do you experience blurred vision? Does a simple dinner menu require your readers? It’s okay; blurred vision is common. In fact, as we get older, blurred vision is more common than not. This particular eye problem can be quite frustrating when dealing with everyday life. We need our eyes! They guide us through life and serve as our gateway to the world. Don’t spend days with blurry vision, correct your vision permanently with LASIK eye surgery. This is a problem that is right for LASIK.

Worsening Vision

As you get older are you experiencing your once “perfect” vision, declining? That’s perfectly normal and to be expected with old age. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to come to terms with. However, it doesn’t have to be this way forever. Don’t sell yourself, or your vision short to old age. This problem can be prevented or altered with the help of LASIK eye surgery. A majority of our clients experience poor or worsening vision and seek our services at La Jolla LASIK San Diego. That’s what we are here for, and we are happy to help.


If you have vision problems and require glasses or contact lenses, it is likely you are one or the other. Do you require assistance seeing objects close up, far away or both? If you answered yes to one, or all, LASIK is the solution for you. This is a problem that can be rectified with the help of LASIK eye surgery. Say goodbye to those contact lenses and glasses, forever! That’s right; you might need your glasses to be sure you read that right. LASIK eye surgery eliminates the need for corrective lenses. Invest in your health and correct those eye problems you experience on a daily basis!

Schedule your free consultation and learn how you can permanently rid yourself of eye problems. San Diego LASIK doesn’t get better than La Jolla!

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Protect Your Vision With These Good Habits

Your vision is very important. It’s crucial that you develop good habits in order to preserve and protect your eyesight. Where do you start? That’s where we come in, the vision experts. We want your vision to last long and stay vibrant! Don’t you? There are things that you can do to protect your vision by taking a few simple steps.

Protect Your Eyes From the Elements

Of course when we say the elements, the main one we are referring to is the sun! ALWAYS wear sunglasses when you are outdoors, even on the overcast days. The sun still has strong rays when the clouds are covering a majority of the exposure. It’s important to always wear sunglasses when you are driving or looking into the sun. Sun can do the most damage to your eyes, and it doesn’t take a lot of exposure to do serious damage. Wear sunglasses or a hat to ensure your eyes are protected!

Keep Your Eyes Lubricated

We all experience dry or itchy eyes from time to time. However, if you find that your eyes are always dry or itching, lubricate them properly! Keep doctor approved eye drops on hand to ensure your eyes will stay fresh and comfortable. Dry eyes aren’t good for anybody! If your eyes are itching excessively, do not rub with your hands or fingers, as they carry lots of dirt and bacteria. If you do need to itch your eyes, be gentle and do not rub excessively, it can do serious damage to your eyes and vision.

Wear Your Glasses If You Need Them

Do not strain your eyes! We repeat, do not strain your eyes! There is nothing wrong with wearing your glasses or contacts on a daily basis if you require the assistance. Straining your eyes can have detrimental effects on your vision and eyesight. If you do not like wearing contacts or glasses, consider LASIK eye surgery. La Jolla LASIK San Diego can answer your questions regarding the procedure and what to expect.

Contact us at La Jolla LASIK Institute to schedule your free consultation today! Dr. Angela Nahl will take you through the procedure step by step and share with you some good habits to preserve your vision!

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Does Blurred Vision Indicate a Need for LASIK?

“Does blurred vision indicate a need for LASIK?” This is a question we often hear when patients seek information about San Diego LASIK. While there are many factors that contribute to this answer (medical history, age, vision problems, etc.), the answer can be yes.

If you suffer from blurred vision, we know how frustrating that can be. You want to be able to read, drive a car and perform daily functions with a clear view. Who wouldn’t? You’re searching for a solution, and you believe LASIK San Diego could be just that. How do you know for sure? That’s where the professionals at La Jolla LASIK can answer this daunting question for you.

At La Jolla LASIK Institute, we offer FREE consultations for potential patients. We take this time (roughly an hour and a half) to get to know you, conduct a thorough examination of your eyes and learn more about your medical history. During this consult, we are able to determine if San Diego LASIK is needed for your blurred vision.

LASIK surgery does, in fact, correct blurred or poor vision. Our laser technology reshapes the cornea to correct your vision and does so with accurate and precise technology. Our surgeon Dr. Angela Nahl will meet you during the consultation as well, perform your San Diego LASIK eye surgery. Trust us; you are in good hands.

If you have questions about your blurred vision, let us answer them for you. Pay a visit to our San Diego office and meet with our award winning Dr. Angela Nahl and put an end to that frustrating blurred vision. We want to help, and we can’t wait to meet you. Don’t spend another day with blurred vision when the professionals at La Jolla LASIK can help permanently correct your vision.

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How to Choose the Right LASIK Surgeon

Your eyes are a precious part of your body, and it’s difficult to find somebody you entrust them with. Trust us, we know. That’s why we like to make our patients feel comfortable with our staff and more importantly, our award winning, industry leading LASIK surgeon, Dr. Angela Nahl. If you’re interested in San Diego LASIK eye surgery, look no further, you’ve chosen the right LASIK surgeon.

When you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, here are a few things you should look for when choosing a surgeon.


Where did your LASIK surgeon attend school? How did they rank in their school? These are important factors to consider when searching for the RIGHT LASIK surgeon.

At La Jolla LASIK San Diego, we have the answers to your questions. Let’s take a minute to review Dr. Angela Nahl’s impressive education.

  • Ivy League education (Harvard undergraduate)
  • Top performer at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine

Recognition and Awards

You want a surgeon who is recognized in their field for being a pioneer. A LASIK surgeon who has set the bar for excellence with their success rate and patient satisfaction. Our surgeon Dr. Angela Nahl has done and so much more.

  • One of the industry’s best LASIK surgeons
  • Overwhelming LASIK surgery success rate
  • Top Laser Surgeon (2011-2013) by the San Diego Union-Tribune

Patient Care

Dr. Angela Nahl is committed to patient comfort and care. She takes the time to know each patient and carefully assess their records and medical history prior to approving LASIK surgery. At La Jolla LASIK, we require consultations prior to scheduling a service. We want to ensure patient safety and take all the necessary precautions beforehand.

The Procedure

Before scheduling your appointment, it’s important to know what your LASIK surgeon’s practice is. Dr. Angela Nahl only uses cutting edge technology to ensure accuracy and precision. At La Jolla LASIK San Diego, we use laser technology for minimal recovery time and discomfort. We don’t use blades or techniques that severely impact the eye.

Schedule your free consultation at La Jolla LASIK and meet the right surgeon for you, Dr. Angela Nahl!