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From the importance of regular eye exams to what to expect from your LASIK procedure, we’ve got you covered.


When can I start exercising after LASIK?

October 11, 2017

When you exercise after LASIK I want you to be careful to prevent two things:  1) infection and 2) a wrinkled flap.  So, let’s keep you away from nasty bacteria, and make sure you don’t squint or rub or squeeze your eyes for a week or two. To prevent squinting your eyes when you strain …

What to Expect from a LASIK Consultation

January 30, 2017

A One-On-One Sit Down And A Non-Invasive Checkup With Your Surgeon   When meeting with your doctor for your free LASIK consultation, you should expect them to give you their undivided attention and care. Your doctor will introduce him- or herself, thoroughly explain what the procedure is and what risks it entails, as well as …

How to Prepare for Your LASIK Procedure

January 24, 2017

Say Goodbye To Your Contact Lenses And Say Hello To LASIK San Diego   If you’ve already gone to your free San Diego LASIK consultation and qualified for the procedure, you are probably well aware that you need to stop wearing your eye contact lenses a few weeks before your surgery is due. This is …

The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

January 18, 2017

Get Your Child’s Eyes Examined By San Diego LASIK Professionals Twice Before Their Third Birthday   Getting your eyes checked should be taken as seriously as going to the dentist, however, many people have admitted to not having visited their optometrist since they were young children. As many people are born with poor vision, it …

Top 3 Reasons Dr. Nahl is the Right Surgeon for You

January 12, 2017

Dr. Nahl’s Experience Precedes Her In Every Way   Since receiving laser eye surgery is a precarious procedure, patients often want the best possible surgeons to be in charge of their LASIK eye surgery. This is why Dr. Angela Nahl has gained so much popularity in the trade. If you want one of the best …



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