What Does LASIK Feel Like?

Comfortable LASIK procedure in La Jolla

For an ultra-modern vision correction procedure, the name LASIK evokes old-fashioned nervousness in some patients.

The L stands for laser — not the red-hot variety that can puncture a missile or fend off a Star Wars villain, but a state-of-the-art, cool-to-the-touch laser that gives you a life without glasses or contacts within a minute. The K abbreviates a medical term that once referred to cutting with a blade, something the sophisticated laser long ago replaced at the La Jolla LASIK Institute. Continue reading “What Does LASIK Feel Like?”

How Long Do the Results of LASIK Last?

LASIK eye surgery results

When investing time, energy and money into laser eye surgery, it is reasonable that you would have questions about the results and how long they last. Understanding whether the results are permanent or whether additional treatment may be required, is part of being an educated, informed patient. That is why I want to set the record straight about how long LASIK lasts. Continue reading “How Long Do the Results of LASIK Last?”

How to Choose the Best LASIK Surgeon

Best LASIK surgeon La Jolla, CA

Nothing influences the outcome of your LASIK surgery more than the surgeon whom you select to perform it. You use your eyes nearly every waking moment of every day — so you shouldn’t let just anyone operate on them.

If you are just starting your search for a LASIK surgeon, the options may seem endless. I would like to encourage you to limit your search to surgeons that meet the following criteria: Continue reading “How to Choose the Best LASIK Surgeon”

Unexpected Benefits of LASIK

What a privilege it is to witness my patients’ lives change after laser vision correction. It is so gratifying to hear about the ways that their personal and professional lives have transformed once they achieve clear, independent vision.

If you dream of a life free from glasses or contact lenses, I can help make that a reality. But if you are on the fence about undergoing surgery, it may help you to consider some of the unexpected or surprising benefits of the procedure. Continue reading “Unexpected Benefits of LASIK”

Signs You Should Postpone LASIK

LASIK Eye Treatment La Jolla, CA

If you’re like me, your goal is to go home at the end of each workday knowing you performed your job to the absolute best of your ability. The most important part of my job is to keep my patients safe; in fact, when I took the Hippocratic Oath after medical school, I solemnly swore to “keep my patients from harm and injustice.”

I will never perform a procedure if I think that it will do you any harm. And while millions of people have benefited from laser vision correction, it is important to understand that the procedure is not suitable for everyone. I have a responsibility to carefully screen every candidate that walks through my door.

When you and I meet for the first time, I will ask you a lot of questions about your eye health and overall health. These questions are designed to help me assess whether the procedure can safely help you achieve your goals, or whether you may be better off delaying LASIK or avoiding it altogether.

There are certain circumstances in which I may recommend that you postpone LASIK to a later date. Continue reading “Signs You Should Postpone LASIK”

What Can I Expect During the LASIK Recovery?

LASIK Surgery Recovery

After careful consultation, you’ve decided that LASIK surgery is the best option to correct your vision and that I’m the most qualified surgeon to perform the operation. Maybe you’re wondering what happens after the surgery, and what you can expect during the recovery.

LASIK recovery is generally very short and hassle-free. The days following the procedure will have you seeing the world in a whole new way. You will discover numerous benefits to your new glasses- or contacts-free lifestyle and see better than you ever could before. Your only regret may be, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” Continue reading “What Can I Expect During the LASIK Recovery?”

What to Expect from a LASIK Consultation

A One-On-One Sit Down And A Non-Invasive Checkup With Your Surgeon


When meeting with your doctor for your free LASIK consultation, you should expect them to give you their undivided attention and care. Your doctor will introduce him- or herself, thoroughly explain what the procedure is and what risks it entails, as well as answer any questions you might have. He will then perform a non-invasive checkup to see if you are eligible for the surgery. If you are, he will have a sit-down talk with you to see if your emotional state is capable of handling the surgery. If all goes well, measurements will be taken, a follow-up appointment will ensue, and you will be given a date for your surgery.


Be Mindful of Your Doctor’s Request Regarding Contact Lenses


When booking your free LASIK consultation with the San Diego Institute, the receptionist will inform you on the importance of not using eye contact lenses during the session and two weeks prior to it. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how important this rule is and sometimes get sent home for not following it. Since contact lenses change the shape on the cornea, doctors and staff alike cannot begin to stress how important it is to not wear them before the consultation and surgery. If you lie about not having worn your contacts, the doctor will take faulty measurements that will end up harming your sight in the long run, so respect the rules as they are in your best interest.


Becoming A Candidate For LASIK Surgery

Taking advantage of your free LASIK San Diego consultation is something that every visually-impaired individual should do. When at the consultation, the doctor will assess your eye health in order to determine your eligibility. This can include questions about myopia, the thinness of your corneas, and your psychological well-being in order to provide the safest, most effective procedure possible.

How to Prepare for Your LASIK Procedure

Say Goodbye To Your Contact Lenses And Say Hello To LASIK San Diego


If you’ve already gone to your free San Diego LASIK consultation and qualified for the procedure, you are probably well aware that you need to stop wearing your eye contact lenses a few weeks before your surgery is due. This is because contact lenses can actually distort the shape of your cornea, making it impossible to accurately perform the procedure. Since having the best surgical outcome possible is your top priority, refrain from using eye contacts before your surgical appointment with any LASIK San Diego any facility.


Learn How To Get Familiar With Your Home Behind Closed Eyes


Although the San Diego LASIK procedure might only last half an hour, its healing time can end up lasting up to 3 months. When a patient is first allowed to leave the institute, they usually experience blurry vision, light sensitivity, and local irritation. Because of this, some patients need to tread carefully for a few days after the surgery, choosing to remain with their eyes shut to encourage healing. Cleaning your home and getting familiar with it behind closed eyes before getting the surgery done is a very good idea, as this can help you feel safer and more comfortable during your recovery.


Arrange For Someone To Drive You Home And Support You

Since LASIK eye surgery is invasive, many patients feel nervous and frightened about having to undergo the procedure. Having someone you care for and trust to accompany you to your appointment to the La Jolla LASIK Institute is highly recommended, as it can make you feel less anxious about the whole ordeal. Also, your vision will be impaired after having had the procedure executed, so driving is out of the question. Before presenting yourself to your appointment, make sure you have someone to drive you home. Many patients are nervous about getting LASIK eye surgery performed, but after the deed is done, many of them laugh at how painless and easy the whole thing actually was.

Top 3 Reasons Dr. Nahl is the Right Surgeon for You

Dr. Nahl’s Experience Precedes Her In Every Way


Since receiving laser eye surgery is a precarious procedure, patients often want the best possible surgeons to be in charge of their LASIK eye surgery. This is why Dr. Angela Nahl has gained so much popularity in the trade. If you want one of the best surgeons to release you of your eye discrepancies, Dr. Nahl is who you want to put your trust in. Dr. Nahl has an exceptionally high record of success, which is why she has become so sought after since she graduated from the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine.


Who Better To Cure Your Vision Than A Visionary Herself?


Having excellent vision is something that many people take for granted. If you’ve been suffering from eyesight problems for most of your life, you probably don’t even know what you’re missing out on, but now, thanks to Dr. Nahl, a ridiculous amount of people do. When it became clear to Dr. Nahl that her services were required on the grand scale, she decided that she wanted to give her patients the personalized care that they deserved, and so she founded her own LASIK institute in San Diego over 16 years ago. Now that she can oversee everything in her practice, Dr. Nahl has been able to successfully deliver exceptional eyesight to thousands of people.


She Has Been Voted The Top Laser Eye Surgeon In San Diego

Dr. Nahl offers affordable and efficient laser eye surgery to her patients at San Diego LASIK, and because of this, she has been voted as one of the best laser eye surgeons in the San Diego region for over three consecutive years. Dr. Nahl has been so dubbed due to her unmatchable laser eye surgery success rates and her willingness to accommodate different types of patients with affordable rates and free consultations.