What Does LASIK Feel Like?

February 19, 2019 • 0 comments

Comfortable LASIK procedure in La Jolla

For an ultra-modern vision correction procedure, the name LASIK evokes old-fashioned nervousness in some patients.

The L stands for laser — not the red-hot variety that can puncture a missile or fend off a Star Wars villain, but a state-of-the-art, cool-to-the-touch laser that gives you a life without glasses or contacts within a minute. The K abbreviates a medical term that once referred to cutting with a blade, something the sophisticated laser long ago replaced at the La Jolla LASIK Institute.

Cool Comfort

Yet even though there’s no heat and no blade with our advanced LASIK procedure, prospective patients still wonder: Will it hurt? I’m always happy to answer with a smile: You most likely won’t feel a thing.

As a first step, you’ll receive a local anesthetic that will completely numb your eyes. Although the entire procedure takes about a half hour, the actual amount of time the laser will be in contact with your eyes will be 40 seconds or less.

As the laser reshapes your cornea, you may feel slight pressure. It’s likely that your only other sensation will be the quiet sound of the laser machinery as pulses of light create tiny bubbles that separate the cornea from underlying tissue. You may also notice temporary changes in your vision, including dimming and blurring.

Many patients are surprised when I tell them the procedure is over. It may seem that we’re just getting started! Some say the whole process is as easy as a contact lens appointment.

20/20 (and Beyond) in 2020

With LASIK, the hours or days after surgery may bring some mild discomfort. You will find it to be quite tolerable. Patients occasionally report feeling a slight itching or burning sensation, or the feeling that there is something in the eye. These side effects are usually short-lived, although patients with chronic dry eye conditions may experience additional discomfort.

It can be frustrating that you cannot react to these sensations by rubbing your eyes, which would interrupt healing and require new treatment. If you do feel pain, it’s not part of the normal recovery process — rather, it’s a sign that you need to contact me immediately.

If you have questions about the benefits of LASIK, and how this leading-edge technology works, I invite you to schedule a personal consultation by calling (858) 551-4100 or emailing my team today.


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