Comparing Lifetime Costs of Lenses and LASIK

March 1, 2020 • 3 responses

Costs and savings of LASIK in La Jolla

If you wear glasses, you’ve seen prices for frames soar over the past decade. There’s been a dramatic consolidation in the market, with a few key players controlling access to some of the most popular labels.

Contact lens wearers have more choices, but certain prescriptions are costly, and the prices for disinfecting fluid and even cases continue to rise. Lifetime cost savings is one of the many reasons I urge patients to consider LASIK as a permanent solution. To prove the case, let’s do the math:

Calculating the Benefits

LASIK surgeries at La Jolla LASIK Institute are safe, convenient and quick — a half hour in the office and 40 seconds of a cool, ultra-precise laser reshaping the cornea to focus sharp, high-definition light on the retina. For almost all patients, it’s a once-and-done procedure: Your freedom from frames and lenses begins immediately, and the savings start adding up, too.

Prescription lenses with frames typically cost hundreds of dollars. If your prescription changes frequently, or you simply have a habit of misplacing or cracking your glasses, the expense will be substantial. Costs for contact lenses add up quickly, too. Depending on the recommended frequency of disposal, you will pay several hundreds of dollars each year for fresh lenses. Contacts that correct for astigmatism will be more expensive. During your regular eye exam, you will also pay extra for an additional contact lens fitting.

Long-Term Savings

LASIK is a wise financial decision not only for the long-term, but often the short-term as well. As laser technology continues to advance, prices have stabilized or even declined. And while medical insurance won’t typically cover the cost of LASIK, many financing options exist, some vision plans offer discounts, and the expense is tax-deductible.

The cost of a LASIK procedure is highly dependent on the degree of vision correction needed, the technology used, and of course the experience and reputation of the surgeon. At the high end will be the wavefront LASIK technique that uses computer eye mapping to guide the advanced excimer and femtosecond lasers. Although LASIK prices can range from $1,000 to $4,000 per eye, with an average cost of just above $2,000 for each, I am happy to work with patients to magnify the affordability and effectiveness of each procedure.

If you have questions about the many benefits of LASIK, and how this leading-edge technology can be a wise financial choice, I invite you to schedule a personal consultation by calling (888) 552-0086 or emailing my team today.

3 responses

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