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Benefits of SMILE vs. LASIK in La Jolla

Once you’ve made the decision to free yourself from a lifetime of lenses, SMILE is a great new laser correction option to consider. Small Incision Lenticule Extraction promises improved comfort, safety and satisfaction, and I highly recommend it for many nearsighted patients.

San Diego SMILE

Although LASIK has already become incredibly convenient, SMILE takes that one step further. During LASIK, the laser is in contact with the cornea for 40 seconds or less. During a SMILE procedure at La Jolla LASIK Institute, I reshape the cornea in 25 seconds, using an advanced VisuMax femtosecond laser to make a tiny “keyhole” incision that allows access to the middle layer of the cornea.

This is in contrast to the typical LASIK technique, in which a flap is created by a surgeon to access the areas of the cornea that will be reshaped. Benefits of using one small incision include faster recovery and even less discomfort than the already pain-free LASIK vision correction procedure.

Less operating time and fewer incisions mean the risks of complications are lower, too. Because there is no need to create a flap, patients are less likely to develop dry eye, and there is no chance of a flap healing improperly or becoming detached, which is a concern of some patients who play contact sports or engage in other types of vigorous physical activity. In addition, patients with thin corneas, who often do not qualify for LASIK, can be great candidates for SMILE.

SMILE was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2016, but has been available for a decade in many European countries, where it has established a solid track record of success. Worldwide, the procedure has performed a least 1 million times.

I am proud to offer SMILE for myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. The technique is also being clinically tested to determine whether patients with hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia or keratoconus can use SMILE to sharpen their eyesight. With continual refinement of the technology, all vision correction patients will eventually be able to benefit from this remarkable procedure.

If you have questions about the advantages of SMILE, and how this leading-edge technology works, I invite you to schedule a personal consultation by calling (888) 552-0086 or emailing my team today.

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Hi, could I make an appointment for exam to do a smile surgery and could I also ask the price for it? Thanks