How soon can I exercise after LASIK Eye Surgery?

October 18, 2018 • 0 comments

Contrary to popular belief, the recovery time for LASIK surgery is actually very short. Most patients find themselves up and active shortly after their surgery. If you’re considering the procedure but are concerned about exercising after LASIK since you play a sport or follow a strict exercise routine, don’t worry. The team at La Jolla LASIK has put together a list of recovery times for each sport below:

slamdunk_outlineBasketball: For you basketball players out there, the average recovery time is about a week. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a week off the court. Just enough time for you to refuel before getting back in the game.

Running: Runners have it great, your recovery time is only about three days. In three short days you’ll be back at it, with better sight nonetheless.

Weight lifting: Weight lifting also has a very short recovery, only about two to three days. Make sure  to make the most out of your recovery by relaxing and eating a healthy diet, and you’ll be back in the gym in no time.

hockeyHockey: You can expect to be back on the ice in about six to seven days. In a rough contact sport like hockey, it’s crucial that you are fully recovered before jumping into the rink again.

Golf: Golf is a pretty short recovery as well. In two or three days you’ll be back on the course with better sight to help with your drive shots.

Water sports: Any water sports like surfing, kayaking, and boating require about a one week recovery time.

Football-PlayerFootball: You’ll be back blocking passes and throwing touchdowns anywhere between six and seven days. Take this time to memorize plays, consider it an opportunity for you to get a leg-up on your rivals.

Baseball: You’ll be sitting in the dugout for about seven days. But after that, you’re vision will help you hit more home runs and throw more precisely.

Horseback riding: Horseback riders have about a three day recovery. This means you can get LASIK in-between horse shows, and still have plenty of time for practice.

saoccerSoccer: Soccer requires a seven day recovery time following LASIK. Although this may seem like a long time off the field, just think of how much your game will improve once you’re fully recovered!

Motorcycling: Wait about a week before getting back on the bike.

Biking: Bikers should expect to take about two to three days off from riding.

snowboarderSnow sports: All you snowboarders, skiers, and snowmobilers should plan to take one week off before getting back on the slopes.

As you can see the LASIK recovery time is fairly short. In about one week you can engage in all full-contact sports, and within two to three days all non-contact. If for some reason your sport wasn’t posted, or you have questions regarding LASIK, comment below
and we will be happy to answer. If you’re
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